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Katrina Morgan Scully

Natural Therapies in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

Abergavenny Complementary Practitioner

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"A wise man should realise that health is his most valuable possession."(Hippocrates.)

How often do we say we must make time for ourselves, yet end up putting our own  wellbeing at the bottom of the pile.
For many of us it can take our own ill health, or that of a close friend to make us re-evaluate our priorities and wellbeing maintanence.

Maintain Wellbeing

By taking small regular steps, in the form of frequent treatments, we nurture and look after ourselves.

 When the body "machine" is regularly oiled, components effectively support each other, enabling a finely tuned system to function at its optimum level.  

Complementary Therapy  Treatments                                                                        

 Luxury versus Necessity                                                  

  • Good wellbeing is the foundation for everything else in our lives. 
  • Why wait until you have a problem, observe the the oriental approach -and maintain your personal wellbeing.
  • The average cost of a takeaway cup of coffee and sandwiches for a week, is equivalent to:  A Rejuvenating, Complementary Therapy Treatment.

Benefits of Treatment

The simplest yet most important benefit of treatment is the feeling of calm and deep relaxation a session can bring about, and in this calmer state, the natural re-balancing process can begin.

Katrina Morgan Scully runs clinics from Abergavenny Complementary Practice in Monmouthshire.

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